Trine Risvang & Hraunar

Trine is de ruiter en trainer van Hraunar, ze vertelt meer over hem:


I was searching for a new talented competition horse together with Peter Nagel, the owner of Hraunar. It took quite a while to find the right one, and I had almost given up when some friends told me about a young promising stallion that they saw at the breeding show in the spring. I got to try him a few weeks before Landsmót and I really liked his gaits and temperament even though I only sat on him for a very short time due to his young age and Landsmót ahead. We quickly agreed on buying him and I think we were quite lucky with the timing, as he really attached a lot of attention at Landsmót.


Hraunar has a very special personality. He is extremely friendly and polite both to other horses as well as people. He is always very curious and wants to get your attention. All his gaits are extremely good and with naturally big movements and clear beat. His tölt is really something special which he proved already at four years old receiving 9 and 9.5 for slow tempo. He is a very promising competition horse and scored 7.47 in fourgait V1 and 7.60 in T1 already at 7 years old. Hraunar is genetically tested as an AA horse.


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